Picture if you will...

| 4/27/08
Today Amir and I successfully proved that people can infact sit out on the awning above our entry way, this is a very important development and will prove useful in the coming summer months.


| 4/6/08
I remember the millennial shift pretty well, PRIME had just started running All In the Family reruns pretty often and were doing an all night marathon. My family gathered in our basement recroom, pots and pans in hand, to watch Archie Bunker spew ignorance, I think at some point we ordered Chinese food. At the time I wasn't too into Chinese food, and my mother, in her infinite wisdom had ordered me a sub sandwich from the local pizzeria. With the fear of Y2K looming over us, we patiently waited for Liz Rigney and the BT crew to declare the new year.

Right now I'm sitting at work on my last shift, my long long excruciating last shift. In a lot of ways, it's kind of like January 31st 1999,  replace the sub sandwich with a pound of cashews and two litres of orange juice and the parallels are shocking... My year 2000 will be the wonderful world of unemployment, IE ten weeks asleep. 


I leave in a few days for sunny Orlando Florida, it's either going to be totally awesome and the most fun ever, or just be terribly terribly stressful. If nothing else it'll be a great break from this god awful routine I've got myself stuck in. I'm hoping to find some new shoes.

That was how you write when you have nothing to say.


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