Travel Diary Part 2: February 27-28

| 2/28/10
The show at Il Motore was incredible, so many Halifax ex-pats. Being surrounded by people you know when in a different city is always pretty amazing. North of America were in fine form, the crowd was way more energetic than at the show in Toronto, everyone was losing it and it was great. Rockets Red Glare were possibly the tightest band I've ever seen, the drumming especially was pretty unbelievable.

The show was over relatively early, around one if I recall, but the fun was said to be continuing all night. I really wanted to stay out, but after my ordeal in Toronto I felt it would be best to get some sleep. Lucky for me the Metro was running all night for Nuit Blanche, making the trip back to Rose and Lindsay's much easier. At one point I fell asleep in the subway car while I was the only person in it. I awoke to a guy sitting directly across from me in the car, which I found unsettling at best. Sleep came quickly, after playing with the cats I crashed pretty hard.

Today was a good day for catching up, playing video games and talking about girls. I really like Montreal and really wish my stay here was just a bit longer, that being said though, I'm really looking forward to being in Orlando and away from all this snow.

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